"I can’t let a week go by without expressing my gratitude in the thrill of the game we experienced last Saturday . . . what a rush!  "

"... Our seller was great, the guy informed us of everything we needed to know and answered every question,  and a million questions we had...."

"Without you, I would never have heard about Abbott Mill, and never have enjoyed what I believe will be a very good purchase."

"...As for dealing with Scott, he is a person of integrity, conviction of a true Christian man, that I just want to say it was our pleasure to have the opportunity to work with him in finding our lot 184. "

Southland and its reputation is built around honesty and trust.  Our team is hand selected not necessarily by ability but by their beliefs in family, honesty, and trust.  We can always find great property and offer great values, but its the people behind the property that have made Southland what it is today.  We are not the biggest, but our clients love us and we remember who you are years later.

When potential clients call in,  there is always a hesitation with whom you might get on the other line.  Our clients always feel at ease, we are here to help that is our main goal.  If you are looking for property, we simply offer the opportunity to come visit it and answer any questions we can to see if the property we are offering is a fit for what you are looking for.

We have pages of great things from our clients, from banks, from closing attorneys, down to our landscapers that give us that extra comfort that Southland is doing things the right way.   We treat everyone with respect and our team works very hard to be available for clients from 8am to 11pm almost everyday.  Its a mathematical formula Great Deals = Great Property + Great Prices + Great People, leave out one part and its not to great!  That is  what keeps Southland striving to be the best and treating each person we come into contact with like our own family.   Its not uncommon for our team to conversate with clients from 5 years ago that have bought and built and want a picture or two from the original sale 5 years ago... we are still and will always be here to help even after the sale!